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Product identity Pasta Angelina.
Brand and Packaging Design “Pasta Angelina”This project considered the study of the symbol and the logotype for the new brand of the fresh “ Pasta Angelina”. It included also the stationery and the packaging design of aluminum containers filled with Italian recipes. An adhesive tag and a wrap afford to insert by hand the name of the recipes. Theese portions are ready to eat and only need to be heated.


The project has been based on the owner’s name Angelina in order to evidence the artisanal character and show  the passion which animates the creators of these products. The needs that have led to the plan have considered the italianness as a fundamental factor of this range of products. The cherubs are some angels, characteristic of the Italian renaissance. Their interpretation for pasta, allows to make yours two excellence of the Italian tradition: the art and the cuisine. Angelina’s fresh pasta is proposed on the Chilean market.



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