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This project implied essentially graphic and typographic design, as well as typographic interpretation of the brand “Giovanna Infante” with the underlying definition “Translations”. Visual System Codes build the Corporate Identity, considering their implementation on several communication channels (web presence, social media applications, etc.).

The design includes adaptations of the Corporate Identity to be used for different business functions (email signature, invoice form, envelope, business card, etc.), but it’s primarily function is its appearance on the most popular social networking sites and applications, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype,, proz, etc.


The Visual Identity System is based on the characteristics of the brand and has been applied to the different types of communication channels (physical and mechanical). As far as the Social Media Sites are concerned, it was relevant to make it “fit” into the different applications available on the net.

Twitter needed the use of a Corporate Background with repetitions, as well as to point out the profile. Facebook, on the other hand, required a more protagonistic version of the brand, to be included as an image standing in the foreground. Linkedin necessitated simply the brand, summarising the Corporate Identity.

Below are the links to the social online presence of  “Giovanna Infante Translations”:

The adaptations on the business forms are tailored to the available spaces, taking into account the constraints related to traditional lettering regarding stationery, business cards or envelopes, etc. …Nevertheless, even here, the Corporate Identity confirms its personality and autonomy.


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