Brand e packaging design Virtù di Gola

maccheroni Virtù di Gola
detail packaging dei maccheroni Virtù di Gola

The design had to create, around this new line of organic products with innovative ingredients, the sympathy for “the things that are healthy”.
The pasta “Virtù di Gola” is a rich innovative product of useful substances for the organism between which the Perilla, plant of Chinese origin, rich of omega 3 and from the anti-allergic properties. Moreover, in kitchen, it is appreciated from chefs for its particular flavour.


The strong element – that connotes all the confections – is a great heart that expresses the sincere love for the kindness that this pasta represents. In order to confirm affinity with an exclusive world, we chose Bodoni typographical characters traditionally related to the luxury. The products were sold at premium organic food stores.

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