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Brand and corporate identity E TRE.
The general objective is to create a functional and original visual identity, allowing the codifying of traditional as well as online available communication supports. The new image aims to emphasize the close relationship of E TRE between environment and living spaces, in order to protect the planet. Furthermore, the symbol should stand for a unique representation of the visual identity in circumstances, where it’s not possible to insert the name of the brand respectively the definition of the firm’s activity (example: Icons for social networks).

E-TRE Brand
The project covered planning as well as graphic implementation of the design of the brand, typographical interpretation of the name “E TRE” and placing of the definition “Efficienza Energetiva Evoluta”. Thereupon, codes of the visual system have been created that comprise the Corporate Identity with its application on various means of communication.

Aim of the project.
The market of environmentally friendly energy relating to building and reconstruction is currently in great expansion. Accordingly, there are numerous companies that offer their services in the different areas relating to this sector.
E TRE is a ground-breaking company that is a single supplier of even three “green” activities: doors and windows, photovoltaic, and solar thermal collectors. The company distinguishes itself by a partnership of 3 actors, each of them operating differently, though complementary. Their union allows to offer environmental-friendly solutions. E TRE is a firm with a dynamic character that has an eye on diversity, which fosters innovative solutions for future requirements. This new way of operating distinguishes E TRE from other companies that operate in just one field of the above mentioned sector.
The graphical project aims to find a solution that assures a clear and convincing expression of innovation, environmental sensibility, as well as professional competencies. Therefore, the project needed to be oriented on the future omitting language and attitude that evoke the past. To summarize: the new graphic is supposed to encourage customers to invest in a clever way, in order to make sure they have purchased a product that ensures energetic efficiency in the future.

Design a modern, clean, professional, sober but not trivial visual identity, and highlight the technical competences of E TRE by means of creative suggestions, that convince demanding subjects, which are attentive to new environmental-friendly technologies.

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